Spots to discover

  • Anayet Lakes

    22640 Canfranc, Huesca, Spain .

    Nice hiking excursion departing from the door of the Hotel Santa Cristina. 4 hours walking through the Canal Roya valley until reaching the Anayet lakes at 2,240 meters altitude. The lakes lie at the foot of Anayet Peak (2.545 m.).

    It is advisable to be foresighted with clothes, wear hiking shoes and carry an energetic picnic. In the mountains the weather conditions can change suddenly.

    See route.


  • Royal Monastery of San Juan de la Peña

    Carretera A-1603, s/n, 22711 Jaca, Huesca .

    The monastery of San Juan de la Peña is a religious complex at thesouth-west of Jaca, in the province of Huesca, Spain. It was one of the most important monasteries in Aragon in the Middle Ages. Its two-level church is partially carved in the stone of the great cliff that overhangs the foundation. San Juan de la Peña means "Saint John of the Cliff".

    Legend said that the chalice of the Last Supper (Holy Grail) was sent to the monastery for protection and prevention from being captured by the Muslim invaders of the Iberian Peninsula.

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  • Estanés Lake

    Ibón de Estanés 22728 Huesca .

    The lake of Estanés is a lake of the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the municipality of Ansó, in the Jacetania region (Huesca), right next to the French border. Located at 1754 meters of altitude it has an area of 29 ha.

    From Santa Cristina hotel you can start this hiking route from two different departures:

    1. From the Candanchú car park. See route.
    2. From the Sansanet car park, 5 km. from the border of Col de Somport. It is an easier route than the excursion from Candanchú. See route.
  • Estación Ferrocarril de Canfranc - Railway Station - Gare

    Av de Fernando el Católico, 2, 22880 Canfranc, Huesca .

    The International Railway Station in Canfranc is a monumental building that was inaugurated by the Spanish King Alfonso XIII and French President Gaston Doumerge on the 18th of August 1928.

    This architectural treasure was used as international railway station and it included during its activity peak a customs office , a police station, a post office and even a hotel. To link the French and the Spanish sides of the Pyrenees it was needed to drill a long undreground tunnel that was a titanic construction for the early 1910s.

    The station lost its activity over the years and many offices and facilities were left abandoned, with only a small halt being used.

    The majesty of the building, together with its abandoned condition invest the building with a decadent allure that attracts thousands of visitors every year.

    Today, scheduled guided visits to the majestic lobby and some of the former platforms and subways are available.

    Worth knowing the history of the station.

  • Cave of the Güixas

    Av. de Francia, 12, 22870 Villanúa, Huesca .

    Enter the cave of Las Güixas and descend a few meters underground to contemplate its landscape, it means moving to an almost dreamlike environment, where only the gurgling of the water and the beating of the wings of the bats flood the acoustic space. Meanwhile, our eyes are concerned with discerning, between the different calcareous forms (stalactites, stalagmites, columns, castings, gours ...) and spectacular structures that have been created over time. More info

  • Parc 'Ours - Animal park

    Espace animalier, 64490 Borce, Francia .

    Located in the heart of the Aspe Valley, in the medieval village of Borce, surrounded by high mountains and meadows we find this exceptional faunistic park, almost familiar.

    Especially recommended for children. In the park, nature and animals live in their purest state. An attractive walk, between 1 and 2 hours, where you can find domestic animals (goats, dwarf pigs, rabbits, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, ferrets ...) and wild animals (chamois, mouflons, alpine goats, marmots, roe deer, deer ...) and of course , the bears. Hopefully you can see animals in freedom like squirrels and impressive vultures flying over the valley.
    Picnic area available. Más info.

  • Truchas Lake

    Ibón de Truchas 22889 Huesca .

    The Lake of Truchas, also called Astún Lake, is located 2,144 meters above sea level in the winter resort of Astún. It has a maximum depth of 4.8 meters and 2 ha of surface.

    It is 10 minutes walking from the Lake de Escalar, with 3.6 ha of surface and 3 meters deep. The Aragon river is born from both lakes.

    It is a meeting point for many hikers and people who want to spend a day enjoying nature. From here, you can follow different hiking tracks, such as the Lacs de Ayous (French side of the Pyrenees) in the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, under the watchful eye of the majestic peak of Midi d'Ossau.

    You can go by car from the Hotel Santa Cristina to the Astún car parking. Then, get to the lakes walking or by chairlift, when it is open in summer.

  • Ecopark El Juncaral

    N-330, Km 656.4, 22870 Villanúa, Huesca .

    Zip lines and much more ...
    El Juncaral Ecopark is the most complete nature adventure park in the Pyrenees. There are activities for all members of the family. Adults, teenagers and children, all will find their own adventure in the Ecoparque and will be able to enjoy the incomparable views offered by its location, at the foot of Collarada (2,883 m), in an impressive forest of pine and fir trees.

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