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If you like trekking, you have come to the right place. Santa Cristina is settled in the heart of the Aragonese Pyrenees, in the vicinity of Canfranc, and close to the French border. You can find all kinds of trails in our surroundings.

Starting right in our Hotel door, you catch GR11 (known as the Pyrenaic Trail) and the Santiago Way. In less than 4 miles, passing the Somport, you enter the Pyrenees National Park, in the Aspe Valley (France). This park is the biggest National Park in Europe.

You can be delighted visiting the ashtoning “Ibones” (Pyrenean lakes) of Anayet, Astún, Escalar, Ip or Estanés, all of them within less than kilometres away from our hotel.

GR11 (or Transpyrenaic Trail) is a large trail that goes through the Pyrenees, from the Cantabric sea to the Mediterranean. Just at our hotel, GR11 divides itself into two different valleys: Canal Roya and Canal de Izas.

You can find a wide range of trails, with different difficulty levels, from beginner to expert and long treks. You could also discover the huge variety of mushrooms, and enjoy the views from Collarada Mountain in the town of Villanua.

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