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Military and Spanish-French border


The proximity of the French border, plus the historical conflicts with our neighbours, made the military presence mandatory in the Canfranc Valley and the Aragon river Valley for centuries. There are several military barracks, watchtowers and bunkers spread along the valley.

The hotel itself was once a military headquarter. Built in the nineteenth century, it was the Customs office, kept by the Carabinier Force, and 5 kilometres away from the Somport, the border check point with France. The Somport pass has been in fact the most important pass of the Central Pyrenees since the Roman Empire.


When the Carabinier Forces were dissolved, the Guardia Civil where in charge until de 1970’s.

Some of the most important military spots of the area include:

Coll de Ladrones Fort: impressive fort which construction started in the eighteenth century. It’s a magical milestone in the area, that you will be able to discover from the Hotel terrace, where you have excellent views. More info.
Riflemen Watchtower of Canfranc. More info.
Line “P” bunkers in Canfranc. More info.
Military Mountain School of Candanchú.
•San Pedro Castle – Jaca’s FortressMore info.
Rapitán FortMore info.
Portalet Fort (France). More info.